Black River

Join The Black River Raiders!

Whether you are a resident of New York, or from another state, seriously consider joining a snowmobile club.

New York is very fortunate to have a strong network of local snowmobile clubs. By in large all of the clubs and their members are affiliated with the New York State Snowmobile Association which works year round bettering the sport of snowmobiling.

A large percentage of the trails in New York are the efforts of these small clubs. Volunteer members plan the trails, obtain landowner permission, construct the trails and bridges, maintain and groom the trails.

With the ever increasing cost of grooming and  equipment maintenance, the club raises funds locally along with some state grants being provided for these types of purchases.

Joining the local club or clubs in the area where you do the majority of riding will make a difference in the quality of trails you enjoy.  Please consider doing so. 

Save money this year on sled registration by joining the Black River Raiders for seasonal membership fee of $25.00.  As a member of a snowmobile club, the NYS Dept. of Motor Vehicle lowers the sled registration fee from $100.00 to $45.00 per sled. 

The Black River Raiders would like to take this opportunity to thank all the landowners who have given our club and riders access through their land.  They are the most integral part of the system as without their permission, we would not have the through trails that we have.
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